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She may only be 22 (give her metabolism a few more years), but Michelle Trachtenberg says she doesn’t diet. In fact, she doesn’t even work out.

“I love food, I hate working out,” the actress said. “I don’t get any of that endorphins and stuff that keeps people going. I went through a chicken fingers phase about a year ago…Chicken fingers, ranch dressing, MMM.”

When she does thow in a healthy meal, the actress says she usually eats sushi or a salad and tries to “take a multi-vitamin”.

Michelle Trachtenberg and Joss Whedon

And then there’s her favorite: “I love club sandwiches; The multi-layer, the cheddar cheese, and avocado.”

One thing’s clear: Michelle’s definitely worked up an appetite playing Gossip Girl resident mean girl Georgina Sparks.

Her character spends most of her time tormenting others around her. But in real life, Trachtenberg is nothing like Georgina.

“Unfortunately I didn’t have the best school experience because kids can be very cruel,” she says.

“I’ve been acting all my life. Everyone made fun of me.”

The cast of Gossip Girl has been hard at work shooting next season (which premieres September 1). As for what Georgina will be up to in coming episodes, Michelle says she hopes to see a lot more evil unfold.

“I never understood those actors that don’t want to play villains because I think that if you do a bad ass job playing the villain and people leave the theater or turn off the TV, you’re getting emotion from them. That’s cool.”

She adds, “It has been the most fun I’ve ever had playing a character,” she says. “Now I walk down the street and I either get ‘Oh you b**ch’ or ‘Oh my god I f***ing love you’ and I’m like ‘hmm, ok!’ ‘Thank you?’

Michelle Trachtenberg admits she gets nervy when she has to do a love scene – especially when it calls for kissing your co-star’s real life boyfriend!

She recently had to make out with Penn Badgley, who is dating Blake Lively.

“It’s always a little weird kissing a co-star because I think kissing is one of the most intimate things in a relationship,” she says.

“But I think Blake and Penn make a great couple.”

Michelle has a bright film career ahead of her, as well – starting this year, when she stars in Seventeen Again opposite Zac Efron!