Michelle Obama Welcomes Jill Biden

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There's been a lot of sudden online interest in Jill Biden - the wife of U.S. Senator and newly-named Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden - in the 24 hours since he was named to the ticket led by Sen. Barack Obama.

Anne Romney can expect the same about this time next week.

Just our opinion. Now, here's a little background on Jill Biden ...

Born in 1951, she's a lot smarter than we are - she has four different college degrees in education. Not surprisingly, she's a college English professor!

Jill Biden is the president of the Biden Breast Health Initiative, a non-profit that provides educational breast health awareness programs in Delaware.

She and Joe married in 1977 and have a daughter, Ashley. He has two sons from his first marriage, which ended with the tragic death of his first wife.

She already has one big fan. When Barack Obama told wife Michelle Obama he'd decided on a vice presidential candidate, she gave him snaps – literally.

"I said, 'That's the right choice.' I was like, 'Good!'" she told People as she snapped her fingers in approval after her husband's announcement.

That morning Michelle Obama, 44, showed the same enthusiasm as she called Jill Biden to welcome her to the campaign trail.

"I see a historic moment," Jill said. "I have goosebumps when I think of what these two can do for the country."


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