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It’s weird to think that a little over a decade ago, Courtenay Semel was your typical student at The Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, Connecticut.

Times have certainly changed for the daughter of Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel.

These days, the socialite appears to be taking a class entitled How to Get Famous with No Talent 101. To wit:

Jenna Marbles Tries a New Style
  • Ridiculously-spelled first name? Check!
  • Phony relationship to garner media attention? Check!
  • Police record? Check!

The latter was confirmed last night, as TMZ reports that Semel was arrested in Las Vegas.

What does the future hold for Courtenay Semel? A reality TV show and sex tape aren’t out of the question.

According to law enforcement officials, a wasted Courtenay “smacked” a security guard in the back of the head on her way out of Pure Nightclub. It’s unknown if girlfriend Tila Tequila was with her at the time.

Semel was immediately detained by Caesars Palace security, as members of her posse – yes, Courtenay Semel evidently has a posse – waited for the police to arrive. Four hours later, cops were on the scene and issued Court a citation for battery.