Peter Cook: A Glutton For Punishment

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Peter Cook, the handsome but horny husband of Christie Brinkley plagued by "sexual issues," embarked on a secret career long before the parasite learned how to sponge off rich and trusting women.

Then a male model, Cook dealt cocaine in the 1980s.

He didn't just once unwittingly deliver "a package" with coke, as he'd told her, Christie testified in their uproarious divorce trial.

It was another day of bombs dropped on Cook. The best thing said about him came courtesy of Dr. Stephen Herman, who said:

"There is no evidence he is a pedophile."

Wow, good for you, Peter Cook!

If you're one of the all-time train wrecks, as he is, why go through with this? There is simply no logical way to explain the case of voluntary spanking that he has endured in the divorce battle with Christie Brinkley than Peter Cook secretly loving it.

Yesterday, Peter Cook tried to portray Christie Brinkley as a rage-aholic who turned the couple's kids against him. Instead, here's what Christie's lawyer read from the court-appointed psychiatrist's report:

"Mr. Cook is characterologically a narcissist. He needs constant reassurance that he is a terrific guy, handsome, accomplished, etc. Where most people need some feeding with their egos, Mr. Cook has an insatiable appetite."

The lawyer asked if Peter Cook, an online sex addict, might masturbate again one day for strangers on the Internet, "There is that chance," warned the doctor.

The shrink said emphatically that Brinkley should have the kids, and Peter should visit, as he does now. So why are we here?

Because Cook wants a fat share of the properties Christie purchased, of course. He was a sleaze long before any railing of Diana Bianchi and he will be forever after. He doesn't deserve his kids or a dime of her money if you ask us.

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