Kali Bowyer Still Says Chris Rock is Baby-Daddy

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Chris Rock can't get a major nutjob off his back.

Despite DNA tests proving he is not the father of Kali Bowyer’s child, she is moving forward with a book that still claims the boy is Chris Rock's.

In the press release Kali Bowyer circulated for her upcoming book, Hollywood Child, she she had “a hot affair with racy comedian Chris Rock.”

Her life, according to the release, “started crashing down all around her,” until “getting pregnant with Chris’ son saved her life.”

Rock’s attorney said, “There is a final judgement. This is not Chris Rock’s child. It’s been fully litigated, and that includes DNA testing.”

Kali Bowyer

Kali Bowyer? Not normal. No, really, she's nuts. TMZ is reporting that she has a history of trying to run scams - and she apparently really sucks at it!

From 2005-present, she has been convicted of DUI in Georgia, charged with theft by deception, facing charges of running an elaborate cellphone scam, writing bad checks, and causing several domestic disturbances. Ouch.

She also once claimed to be kidnapped and force to take some white powder, but that story got messed up when they asked her son what happened.

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