Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Iraq Bound

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The Hills' Heidi Montag says her late stepbrother — who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan — inspired her to visit the Middle East.

“My brother was an airborne ranger in Afghanistan and Iraq,” she told Extra. “It’s important to me and to Spencer to support the troops and go over there.”

Scary Future Parents

Heidi Montag’s stepbrother, Eric O’Hara, 24, who was a veteran of combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, died in an accident in March, falling from the roof of the Steamboat Springs, Colo., hotel where he worked.

While Montag and Pratt are eagerly planning their trip — they may be getting a little help with travel arrangements from friend Meghan McCain, the daughter of presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

“She’s very sweet,” Spencer said. “I believe that Meghan McCain is helping organize Heidi and our Iraq trip. Her dad definitely has some pull with the military. I think she’s going to put that together for us.”

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag: Supporting the troops.

Also on the horizon for the couple: a new video game, which Spencer Pratt says will be sold at the boutique Kiston: “It’s top secret ... Get ready. All your wildest dreams are going to be in it.”

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While they may be shameless self-promoters, we think it's kind of cool that Heidi and Spencer are actually willing to travel all that way to support the troops, not just put a stupid yellow ribbon on his BMW and call it a day.

We just hope they don’t play her music. Morale is already low enough.

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