Christie Brinkley & Peter Cook: Real or Wax?

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Long before he ruined her life by browsing swinger sites and boffing Diana Bianchi, Peter Cook was the perfect husband in Christie Brinkley's eyes.

The two were a classic Hamptons couple - handsome, beautiful, stylish, rich and happy - as seen below at a cocktail party back in 2005.


Is this actually a picture of the former spouses, or merely a wax replica of Brinkley and Peter Cook immortalized in the East Hampton Wax Museum?

You decide in this edition of Real or Wax ...

Follow the jump right now to learn the answer…


Yes, that's really them. As hard as it is to imagine Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook smiling and in the same place after what he did, it sounds like he kept most of his shadiness secret from her since they tied the knot in 1996.

Now, thanks to their public divorce trial, his seedy ways are being exposed, however. What a mess. We feel bad for Christie Brinkley, the scorned wife, but it's kinda sorta fun to watch the train wreck that is her estranged husband.

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