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Season Three of The Hills is out on DVD this week and Season Four premieres in less than a month. To commemorate both momentous occasions, the L.A. Times spoke with Audrina Patridge while she was en route to get her hair done. Really.

LAT: Is Lauren Conrad your friend?

Audrina Patridge: We live together, so yeah, we see each other a lot while the show is taping. Sometimes I see her when it's not.

LAT: But is she your friend outside of The Hills ...

Audrina Patridge: We don't have a lot of the same friends, but we try to reserve one night a week to hang out. In the fourth season, you'll see our fight gets cleared up. Basically, I start doing my own thing separately from her and Lo [Lauren Bosworth], and get busy. But you know, things change and friendships do drift apart. Lauren Conrad and I aren't not friends, we're just not as close as we used to be.

LAT: What about Lo? Do you blame moving in together with her and Lauren for the rift in your friendship?

Audrina Patridge: I do think living in that separate guest house of mine was definitely the cause of the tension between Lauren and me. We were used to being right next to each other in our apartment. I don't really blame Lo, though. She and Lauren have been friends for a long time.

LAT: Do you think you're portrayed accurately on The Hills?

Audrina Patridge: I think I've been portrayed well on the show. But it's based on Lauren's life, so some of the things in my life, like my friends, aren't on the show: my personal life with my true friends and my family, me going to acting classes, shooting a movie. They filmed a little, but they can't air everything.

LAT: What's the biggest misconception about you?

Audrina Patridge: I don't feel like they show me on The Hills sticking up for myself. They edit that out. I'm generally happy with how I look when it comes out. In real life, though, I'm bubbly and fun and talkative and when you see me on the show I'm always sitting there and sad. But I'm fine with it because it's not my show. I'm there because of Lauren.

LAT: Tell us about the movie you just shot, a sequel to Into the Blue.

Audrina Patridge: We filmed on Oahu. Everyone was so nice and supportive. It's so different from a reality show because I have lines to memorize. "The Hills" definitely helped just in terms of being in front of the cameras and being used to crews watching me. It made it a lot more comfortable on a film set. There were also a lot more people, but I felt very prepared.

LAT: Do you still work at Epic Records? Are you still looking to pursue a career in the music industry?

Audrina Patridge: I don't work as much there as I used to. It's definitely not how it used to be when the series started.

LAT: What's your title there?

Audrina Patridge: You know, I don't know my title. I help out with anything. I help out with artists every now and then, making sure they're taken care of. I also do some A&R, listen to demos. But I'm really focusing on acting.

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