Two Charges Against Rob Lowe Thrown Out

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Rob Lowe won a pair of small victories Thursday in the first courtroom showdown against former nanny Jessica Gibson.

Santa Barbara, Calif., Superior Court Judge Denise de Bellefeuille threw out two of the 12 allegations made by Gibson, 24.

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Jessica Gibson's sexual harassment claims against Rob Lowe remain intact.

The two allegations thrown out - on the grounds that there was no legal basis - were related to labor-code violations.

"We're pleased with today's outcome," said Rob Lowe's attorney Larry Stein. "The Lowes have consistently denied any wrongdoing and will be vindicated."

Gibson's lawyer, John West, responded in kind: "We don't consider this a setback at all, Jessica's case is still intact as a whole."

Neither Rob Lowe nor Jessica Gibson was present at court.

"She's been lying low," West said of Jessica Gibson. "This has been a very traumatic situation for her, she's doing her best to heal."

In her lawsuit, the former nanny claims the actor groped her and exposed himself during her seven-year employment with Rob Lowe.

The Brothers & Sisters star vehemently denies he did anything improper - pointing out that Gibson voluntarily quit the job three times.

A week prior to Gibson filing her lawsuit, Lowe went public in accusing Gibson of demanding $1.5 million in exchange for her silence.

Lowe also preemptively filed a $1 million-plus lawsuit against her.

Since then, a second former nanny, Laura Boyce, 37, filed suit against the Lowes, accusing the actor's wife, Sheryl Lowe, of direct sexual harassment.

The next hearing in the matter is set for July 10.

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