OMG! The Hollywood Gossip Turns Two!

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Two years ago today, The Hollywood Gossip burst on the scene with a single blog. Appropriately, on the devilish date of 6/6/06, Lindsay Lohan was the topic.

What a wild ride it's been since. To commemorate our second birthday, we're taking a look back at the stars who generated the most traffic on our site for each of our 24 months in the crazy biz they call celebrity gossip...

June 2006: Heather Mills. Heather Mills sucks. But that one-legged, gold-digging ex-call girl sure did give us some great stories for a time.

July 2006: Nicole Richie. By this point, Nicole may not have eaten in six months. Brody Jenner, who dated her briefly, tried in vain to force-feed her.

August 2006: Kristin Cavallari. Speaking of Brody, he used to date Kristin Cavallari! They were a super-hot couple for months (an eternity by his standards).

September 2006: Lindsay Lohan. It seems like ancient history now, but in 2006, the cutie was still in the early stages of her downward spiral.

October 2006: Lindsay Lohan. Drinking, partying, sleeping with anyone with a pulse, making awful movies: Why shouldn't LiLo win two straight months?

November 2006: Chris Ivery. Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo made news when she got engaged to longtime beau Chris Ivery on her birthday. A year later, also on her birthday, Ellen Pompeo and Ivery got married in New York!

December 2006: Paris Hilton. Skanky. Worthless. Always in the news. We're surprised it took Paris six whole months to top our list, to be honest.

Britney Spears: No Pants

January 2007: Britney Spears. Fresh off her divorce from K-Fed, Brit Brit went on an epic binge of drinking, random sexual encounters and clubbing with no pants. Hanging out Paris Hilton certainly helped the cause.

February 2007: Antonella Barba. This New Jersey-ite couldn't sing all that well, but her oral skills were on full display. If you know what we mean. We mean there were pics on the Internet of her servicing some schmoe.

March 2007: Antonella Barba. Our second back-to-back winner, the American Idol aspirant actually hung around for a few weeks, riding out her naked photo scandal before getting the boot from the hit Fox reality show.

April 2007: Olivia Mojica. Another American Idol reject! She hadn't been heard from in forever, but a graphic Olivia Mojica sex tape brought her back to prominence. She went on to send us a cease-and-desist letter.

May 2007: Lauren Conrad. Beautiful without trying too hard, The Hills star has been a constant presence on The Hollywood Gossip since its inception. We don't suspect she's going away anytime soon, either - thankfully!

June 2007: Joslyn Noel Morse. New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez was labeled "Stray-Rod" after his affair with this busty stripper. His wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, stuck by him - and grew her own celeb news following.

July 2007: Amy Polumbo. The Tameka Foster haters were out in force, but it was Amy Polumbo won generated the most buzz. The N.J. beauty queen and her "raunchy" pics (which were actually quite vanilla) captivated the nation.

August 2007: Spencer Pratt. A master of manipulation, Spencer Pratt knows he's a celebrity gossip magnet and exploits it. We fall for it, month in and month out, and we love to hate him so much, we don't even mind!

September 2007: Camila Alves. It took a lot to upstage the Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal last September, but Camila Alves - the relative unknown model who got engaged to Matthew McConaughey - pulled it off.

October 2007: Heidi Montag. Heidi and Spencer engaged! Heidi and Spencer call off wedding! Heidi and Spencer pose for staged pics on the beach! A story about them always gets attention, which Heidi Montag loves.

November 2007: Kim Kardashian. That ass is huge. So is the online buzz its owner generates month after month. Kim's rise from Ray J sex tape star and Paris Hilton BFF to legitimate celebrity has been rather impressive.

December 2007: Jamie Lynn Spears. Renee Sloan getting engaged to Scott Baio was serious celebrity news. But nothing compared to when Jamie Lynn Spears announced she was pregnant with a Casey Aldridge love child.

January 2008: Adnan Ghalib. Who? That's what we - and many, many others - were asking for several weeks. Turns out this celebrity news photographer was dating Britney Spears, and was even the subject of pregnancy rumors!

February 2008: David Archuleta. A favorite from the get-go, young David Archuleta won the hearts of millions on American Idol and defeated all but one singer in pursuit of the crown. David Cook edged him in the finals.

March 2008: Ashley Alexandra Dupre. In a battle of mistresses, Christiane Plante almost took the honors in March, but Ashley Dupre - the sexy hooker who New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer was boning - ultimately won out.

April 2008: Audrina Patridge. The Hills star was already a big deal on our site, but when her naked photo scandal hit, traffic exploded. Now she's as famous as anyone, it seems, making us think the pics weren't "leaked."

May 2008: Shayne Lamas. There are so few guarantees in this life, but when Shayne Lamas - that gold-digging, bleach-blonde airhead drama queen - won The Bachelor, she was a lock to spark heavy celeb gossip interest.