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One would think that after killing people and somehow walking away a free man, O.J. Simpson would flee the U.S. for good.

Or at least lay a little bit low.

Instead, The Juice kidnaps and robs sports memorabilia dealers who have his stuff, gets arrested – and now (drum roll please) plays the victim!

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We have no idea why, but Simpson was in Fargo, N.D., when he spilled his guts to Don Haney of Mighty 790 radio yesterday in a terrific rant.

O.J. Simpson in his most familiar environment – a courtroom.

After saying “I believe in juries,” and stating that he believes he will get off (and we’re not talking about anything Christie Prody might be involved in), O.J. Simpson maintained that his two alleged victims are actually on his side and that he’s the victim of the legal system – they’re prosecuting him only because of his name.

The best quote: “If I was anybody else, I wouldn’t be going to court … I’ve got a dollar sign on my back and a bulls eye on my front.”

Pack lightly, O.J. The weather’s warm where you’re headed.