Milana Dravnel Drops Defamation Lawsuit; Oscar De La Hoya Drag Photos Revealed as Fakes

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Some things are just too good to be true.

The rumored Lauren Conrad sex tape is one example... no way that thing exists. Same goes for those supposed Oscar de la Hoya drag photos.

Ex-Scores stripper Milana Dravnel, who supposedly took and sold the saucy pics of the boxer, has dropped her $100 million lawsuit against Oscar de la Hoya for calling her a liar and calling the pictures out as fakes.

Turns out, according to experts who analyzed the photos, Oscar was right - they had been digitally altered and Milana was lying after all.

Oscar de la Hoya's lawyer Judd Burstein told the New York Daily News:

"[Milana Dravnel] was facing very large damages and so she agreed to drop the case. The case would have been dismissed anyway."

Milana Dravnel, Oscar De La Hoya

Here are two of the photos of Oscar de la Hoya, the renowned boxing champion, and Milana Dravnel, shady stripper extraordinaire, in question.

He is dressed as a ballerina in one of them. Fake or not, it's pretty funny.

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