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Somewhat popular actress Kate Bosworth recently stepped out to attend a movie premiere in a revealing, form-fitting red dress.


Can you be sure this is the real Kate Bosworth? The star’s expression appears to be robotic, and she doesn’t look that pale, which would be a change.

Kate Bosworth at the Gala
Photo via Getty Images

Could this be a wax statue of Kate, an attempt to fool readers into thinking they are ogling the real deal – or that the original has actually eaten a meal?

You decide in this edition of Real or Wax

Follow this article’s jump now to learn the answer…


Amazingly, this photo of the shiny actress is 100 percent legit … one would have never guessed she’d have any sort of color left in her skin.

Someone should really get on creating a nice Kate Bosworth wax statue, if you think about it. You could get it done on the cheap, if you know what we mean. We mean you don’t need a lot of wax because she weighs like 80 pounds.