Joe Simpson Strikes Back!

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In the wake of recent celebrity news stories that he was the main source behind Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo almost breaking up (twice now), Joe Simpson tells Extra he's not the controlling father we think he is.

"The media says that I try to plan everything - If I had half of the power they give me... They [Ashlee and Jessica] don't call me and ask me. They call me and tell me," Crazy Joe told the celebrity news program.

He adds that Jessica Simpson "... is as happy as I've seen her in years." and gushes about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Romo, "He is such a great guy. I love Tony to death ... He's just a good kid."

Come on. Who wouldn't trust Joe Simpson, right?

Several sources reported that Joe Simpson asked Tony Romo, 28, to dump his agent and allow him to help represent him. As tension grew, the NFL star gave Jessica an ultimatum: Tell your dad to frickin' back off!

Joe Simpson tells Extra that the public has many misconceptions about him as his a manager and a person:

"For all those people thinking I'm sipping Piña Coladas on the beach, enjoying my millions and living this great life - Bull. I work seven days a week, 24/7."

The former minister, who officiated daughter Ashlee Simpson's wedding to Pete Wentz, says of the new addition to his family:

"I love Pete to death ... He has a patient spirit and a kind heart ... I'm honored to have Pete as my son-in-law."

Although the sex of his first grandchild is unknown, he says "I would love to have a boy, but I know how to raise girls so I'm good with that."

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