The Hills Recap: The Next Move Is Yours

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The third season finale of The Hills begins with Heidi Montag in Las Vegas with Brent Bolthouse and Sam Nazarian, her bosses. In L.A., Spencer Pratt sulks as usual - but then decides he's gonna put it all on the table.

"We're going to Vegas!" he tells sister Stephanie Pratt.

Heidi and Spencer Arrive

They hop in the car and five hours later, they're in Sin City. Stephanie plays the role of clandestinely finding out where Heidi is. Then Spencer sneaks up on her as she sips cocktails at some swanky joint with her bosses.

Mortified, she leaves the table and we are treated to an epic Heidi and Spencer fight. But this time he is more reserved. Determined, he says that "We need to be together ... just come back to L.A. with me."

Heidi Montag was conflicted, but apparently couldn't resist Spencer Pratt.

She stands up Bolthouse, pulling a no-show for their next big meeting, and is next seen leaving her Vegas hotel with Spencer and Stephanie.

Back at Chateau de Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge is ... not there.

She's checking out apartments with Justin-Bobby! LC doesn't know this, but the fact that Audrina is growing apart from her isn't lost on her.

After Audrina is a no-show at LC's roommate bonding dinner - she and Lo made crab legs - Lauren decides she needs to hash this out face-to-face.

Lauren Conrad pays a visit to the guest house, where Audrina is quick to place the blame for their drifting apart on - you guessed it - Lo.

"Everything was fine when it was just me and you living together," Audrina says. "With Lo in the picture, you're distant from me."

Lauren's tearful response: "Lo has done nothing to push us apart on my side. I never let the opinions of others affect my friendships."

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