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Ever since Lauren Bosworth (Lo) moved in with Lauren Conrad (LC) and her friend Audrina Patridge, things haven’t been free of drama at Casa Conrad.

Audrina, who lives in the guest house while Lo and LC reside in the main residence of her Hollywood villa, is clearly feeling ostracized lately. Why?

On Monday’s episode of The Hills, Lauren Conrad wanted to hang with Audrina at the recording studio where she works, but two seconds after they got there, Lo insisted they bail and go to dinner – sans Audrina – and so they did.

You Know What You Did
Photo via MTV

Many awkward moments and passive-aggressive comments from Lo soon followed – such as stating that their new puppy has TWO moms. Is she overprotective of Conrad? Jealous of Patridge? Are either or both out of line?

Tell us, which side are you on? Team Lo or Team Audrina?