Hayden Panettiere Graces Cover of Teen Vogue

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Heroes star and perennial Hollywood Gossip crush material Hayden Panettiere was been laying low of late, but she's the cover girl for the June / July 2008 issue of Teen Vogue! Here are some excerpts from her interview ...

On the entertainment industry only having bad girls:

"In Hollywood, there is no such thing as being a nice girl. Or being, you know, not messed up. If you're not, [the tabloids will] make you that way. Nothing is private and when they write about you, it's almost always false."

THG NOTE: We were right about Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia ... although we reported it months before they went public with their love.

On raising awareness of animal rights, especially whales and dolphins:

"[Heroes] put me in a place to speak for things that I'm passionate about. When I was younger, I'd always donate to the humane society."

On her fashion sense:

"I have the same sense of style that I did when I was growing up, but now I wear things that I might not have when I was younger, because I'm much more comfortable with my body. I'm definitely a jeans and tee shirt girl."

"I dress down and comfy whenever I can, which makes dressing up more exciting. I really like to look polished. I love pencil skirts and flirty dresses â€" but I'm not picky when it comes to designers; I could find something great to wear from French Connection or Gucci. I have a lot of fun dressing up and deciding what kind of look I want to go for depending on the event."

Sweet, Sweet Hayden

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