Ray J Responds to Drug Charges

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Ray J is many things to many people.

A sex tape partner to Kim Kardashian. A condom promoter to Trojan. A staff favorite at The Hollywood Gossip.

But, in the following statement issues to celebrity gossip outlet TMZ, Ray J responded to his alleged drug drama at a hotel in D.C. last weekend and insists he is not a hardcore user.

"The defamatory statements made by the staff at the Washington D.C. Hyatt accusing me of using the drug 'boat' or PCP are totally false and are an attempt by them to gain publicity for their hotel," he said. "These drugs are illegal and since the police were called, I would have been arrested if I had these drugs in my possession. The statements made by the hotel staff are extremely damaging, and I'm contemplating legal action."

The police were called to the Hyatt Regency last Friday after hotel staff asked a belligerent Ray J to leave the premises after he was allegedly found with a stash of the club drug "boat" and marijuana.

If he's wrongly accused, Ray J should definitely fight the man. But just how damaged can your reputation get from this, dude? You're best known for videotaping Kim Kardashian nude. No offense. We still love you.


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