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A few weeks ago, we asked if Selena Gomez would be the next Miley Cyrus. And she still may be.

But it appears as though Gomez will have a fight on her hands from a familiar foe: good friend Demi Lovato.

The 15-year old actress/singer is set to tour with The Jones Brothers this fall. From there, she’ll be starring in her very own show titled “Welcome to Mollywood.” Does this career path sound familiar?

Demi Lovato Is Sober

Remember the name Demi Lovato, folks. You’ll be hearing it a lot for years to come.

The series will center on Molly, who comes from a small town and wins a role on a teen comedy series after competing on a nationwide search.

Regarding the show and star he hopes will follow in the shoes of Cyrus and/or Vanessa Hudgens (in terms of popularity, not naked photos), Gary Marsh, president of entertainment at Disney Channels Worldwide, said:

“This series is rooted in one of the core thematic attributes that we stand for, which is following your dream.”

Sounds like the dream of Demi Lovato is about to come true.