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There are a few guarantees in the celebrity world.

Paula Abdul is insane, Hillary Clinton will stop at nothing to win, The Bachelor star will not actually marry the recipient of the final rose, and Brody Jenner isn’t going to a party if there aren’t any girls. Plain and simple.

The reality show regular and ex of Lauren Conrad hit six Chicago bars in two hours the other night after hosting a party at a local pub, McFadden’s.

Brody in Thought

The Hills’ Brody Jenner doing what Brody Jenner does best: partying.

“He was swigging Grey Goose vodka straight from the bottle and looked practically comatose,” said a New York Post source.

“The bar smelled awful, but girls in tube tops were swarming all over him.”

Brody Jenner also hit club Underground and ended his night at Rino… “But he left quickly because it was filled with all men,” said a spy.