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To each celeb gossip site its own.

Some of us are obsessed with The Hills. Others like to start Katie Holmes pregnancy rumors every other week. Standard fare, really.

Take E! Online for example. They’re reporting today that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have a joint production in the works.

Or at least they will soon. Aww. Suri Cruise may be getting a little sibling!

According to friends who schmoozed with Team TomKat in New York this week, Katie wants to have another baby soon – and she ain’t shy about it.

“She said she’s got the itch,” said a friend.

“Now that [Suri Cruise] is more toddler than baby, Katie misses having an infant in the house. And she thinks Suri would make a great big sister.”

And what does Tom Cruise think?

“He said if Katie wants another baby, she doesn’t have to ask twice,” said the pal, who is obviously a very close pal to go blabbing to the press.

“He always wanted more. It was Katie who has been holding off. Until now.”