Killing Dogs, Killing Time: Michael Vick Ballin' in Prison

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Incarcerated NFL star Michael Vick is playing some football again, albeit with slightly lower stakes and with guys who are a bit less talented.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank has been communicating by letter with Vick, who is being held at the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas.

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Blank told the New York Daily News that the disgraced football star wrote that he is washing pots and pans for 12 cents an hour. Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison after a guilty plea to federal dogfighting charges.

In a scene straight out of The Longest Yard, Michael Vick is playing football at Leavenworth. That's one way to pass the time and keep his arm loose.

He's probably the first player picked when the inmates are choosing up sides or the guards are choosing up sides for them, don't you think?

Michael Vick is staying in shape as QB of his prison's football teams.

"He's staying in shape," Blank told the Daily News. "Apparently, there's a prison football team and he plays quarterback for both sides." It's only fair.

Hopefully O.J. Simpson suits up for this team soon.

Anyways, Blank says Vick wrote him first and they've opened a dialogue by mail. He says that Kevin Winston, the Falcons' director of player development, has visited Vick several times in prison. Blank says he has no plans to.

Vick's life has taken quite a nosedive from his days as a star QB in the pros. He can be comforted by Judge David Doty's ruling in Minneapolis in February that he can keep a pretty nice $16.25 million of his $20 million bonus, at least.


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