Jason Davis Grilled In Court, Outside of Court

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Bouncing here, there and everywhere, it's.... Gummi Bear!! 

Entering a plea in court after being arrested for drug possession and DUI in early March, Jason Davis, a.k.a. Gummi Bear, is in the clear for now.

Jason Davis Mug Shot

But the enormous ursine being was dogged by different accusations as he left the building - those involving his racist, homophobic brother.

We're talking about Greasy Bear, a.k.a. Brandon Davis, and his tirade last week against celebrity news photographers in which he went ballistic.

Not surprisingly, Jason Davis had little to say on that matter.

Jason Davis: Such an upstanding, clean-cut citizen.

A slim (well, at least by his standards) Gummi Bear will be back in court May 12, when the results of a blood test taken the day of his arrest will be ready.

The glasses and lack of pink hair certainly don't hurt Jason Davis' case, but they probably won't help too much. Fool was allegedly on heroin.

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Jason Davis Mug Shot
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