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Yes, Tom Cruise is coming back to The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The episode, which will appear in two parts during May, will celebrate Cruise’s career since his breakout role 25 years ago in Risky Business.

“Tom will be doing Oprah’s show,” Cruise’s rep, Julie Polkes, confirmed this week. “He is really looking forward to it.”

Tom Cruise in 2015

One part will be shot in-studio before a live audience. In the other, Tom Cruise will show Winfrey around his Telluride mountain retreat.

They will then conduct the second portion of the interview at his home.

Great, insane moments in Tom Cruise history.

In 2005, the Scientology ring-leader memorably jumped up and down on Oprah’s sofa and proclaimed, “I’m in love!” with then-girlfriend Katie Holmes.

They later married and had a cute baby named Suri Cruise, who was falsely rumored to be fake, Asian and/or the spawn of L. Ron Hubbard.