Too Soon? Jamie Lynn Spears Returning to TV

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It was filmed a while ago, before Casey Aldridge put a baby in that.

But the pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears will nevertheless appear in an episode of the ABC comedy, Miss Guided, premiering March 20.

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Judy Greer stars in the new sitcom, playing a formerly awkward high school student who returns to her alma mater and as a guidance counselor.

A not-yet-pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears will appear in the premiere episode, called "Hot Sub," as Mandy Ferner, a "troubled student." Appropriate!

Jamie Lynn, who recently passed her GED exam, plays a character who receives some exciting news from college, according to reports. 

Jamie Lynn Spears strolls with baby-daddy boyfriend Casey Aldridge.

The show will also feature another popular guest star: Ashton Kutcher, the executive producer of the sitcom, will play the titular "hot sub" â€" a Spanish teacher and possible romantic interest for Greer's character.

As a midseason addition to the schedule, Miss Guided was filmed in October after Jamie Lynn Spears wrapped her Nickelodeon hit series Zoey 101.

Our girl JLS has been laying low in Kentwood, La., since getting knocked up. Our in L.A., big sis Britney Spears is lookin' kinda preggers herself of late!

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I had a perfect pregnancy and a perfect delivery. I was very blessed.

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