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It’s safe to assume that Sophie Monk is as grossed out by Paris Hilton and Benji Madden as we are.

But the model/actress is at least taking the high road when it comes to this new relationship. Despite the immediacy with which Madden started dating Hilton after he and Monk were broken up, Sophie harbors no ill will toward either half of the ugly couple.

“Let me make this as plain as possible — Benji did not leave me for Paris Hilton,” Monk said. “Benji and I did not break up badly or anything like that. We both decided, as adults, our relationship had run its course and decided to move on. I feel no animosity towards Benji and Paris at all and am very happy with life at the moment.”

Carter Reum, Wife
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Yes, Benji Madden left this for Paris Hilton.

On Friday, Paris left a jewelry store in Beverly Hills wearing a ring on her engagement finger, but declined to reveal whether she had wedding plans.

That sound you just heard was Stavros Niarchos crying.