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With her immaculately streaked tresses, lightly tanned skin and sense of style, Lauren Conrad has become California’s version of Carrie Bradshaw.

She showcases her own stylings Tuesday during L.A.’s Fashion Week, just in time to plug MTV’s The Hills, which returns Monday March 24.

Lauren Conrad recently chatted with USA Today about footwear, friends and her fashion pizazz. Here’s the interview below …

USA Today: What are you up to right now?
Lauren Conrad: Eating lunch. I just got back from a hike so I’m supposed to eat.

USA Today: That sounds so normal! To viewers, you’re this impeccably styled fashionista who interned at Teen Vogue. What’s the most unfabulous part of your day?
Lauren Conrad: [Whitney Port and I] are interns. We work 11-hour days, so there’s nothing glamorous about that. The only thing they don’t show is us sitting around being boring. We sit and watch DVDs and do nothing.

USA Today: Do you think of yourself as a style icon?
Lauren Conrad: Not really. I like clothes and I like dressing fun and taking chances, but I don’t consider myself an icon.

Lauren Conrad and The Hills return Monday, March 24. Yesssss.

USA Today: What’s your biggest fashion splurge?
Lauren Conrad: Shoes.

USA Today: How many pairs do you have?
Lauren Conrad: No idea. I counted once awhile ago, and I was around 60. I don’t know. My favorites are Marc Jacobs and Moschino. I like having fun with shoes.

USA Today: Now, to The Hills. Is Laguna Beach baddie Kristin Cavallari going to be on the show in the future?
Lauren Conrad: No. Not that I know of.

USA Today: What can viewers expect?
Lauren Conrad: I can’t tell you that much. We’ve been on a break. It was nice to not have cameras around. But I miss the crew.

USA Today: You have a clothing line, Lauren Conrad Collection, and are doing a show at L.A. Fashion Week on Tuesday. Nervous?
Lauren Conrad: Um, yeah, I’m really nervous. It’s one thing to have your designs displayed in stores. To have them walk down the runway is a really big deal.

USA Today: And are you still in college at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles?
Lauren Conrad: Yes, I’m still in college. The school has been so great working with my schedule. I take two classes at a time. My counselor jokes that I’m on a 10-year plan. I’d love to get a degree in the next year, in product development.

USA Today: You did a capsule bag line with Linea Pelle. Any plans for more accessories?
Lauren Conrad: I don’t know if I would do shoes. I like buying them, but that’s not something I’d be good at designing. I’m gonna stick to buying shoes.

USA Today: Has being so famous helped or hurt your design aspirations?
Lauren Conrad: It’s been double-edged. I would not have my own clothing line if I wasn’t on a TV show. OK, maybe eventually I would, but I’d have to work a lot harder. This is what I wanted to do. But I had to work hard to prove it.

Lauren Conrad’s clothes are available at