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Out of a job as of Monday, and unlikely to engage in any further sordid love trysts with Kristen (since she has been outed as Ashley Alexandra Dupre), disgraced New York Governor Eliot Spitzer will be forced to explore other avenues.

He might want to look further than Stephen Colbert, however. The Comedy Central host didn’t exactly react approvingly to Spitzer’s latest proposal …

We imagine that New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, who Eliot Spitzer backed in the February 5 New York primary, has his number blocked on her caller ID as well.

Stephen Colbert Holds Emmy

On a serious note, and somewhat interestingly, Spitzer appeared in person on The Colbert Report February 12, the night he booked Kristen / Ashley Dupre as his prostitute and day before he got hooked by federal investigators.

Eliot Spitzer is also the subject of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest for this week … give us a creative caption for the outgoing New York Governor!