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Roger Clemens was told he didn’t sound believable.

Brian McNamee was branded a “drug dealer” and reminded of past lies.

With Congress apparently split over which man’s version of events is true, it could be up to the U.S. Justice Department to decide.

Clemens and McNamee traded lies stories under oath before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform about whether the star pitcher was injected with steroids and human growth hormone by his former trainer.

Question by question, tangent by tangent, disputed answer by disputed answer, Roger Clemens’ inane house of lies seemed to come tumbling down Wednesday.

We’ll provide you with a link to the Washington Post‘s full story on the hearing in a moment, but before we do, just a few observations here …

  • Congress must be really, really bored.
  • You can practically see the bus tracks across Debbie Clemens‘ body after what Roger did to her with his testimony yesterday.
  • What Clemens thought he’d get out of turning a sports controversy into a federal case courtesy of this hearing has yet to be determined.
  • The Cy Young winner scored few points while getting caught up in his own words, nonsensical logic and twisted timelines – and that was even before his friend and former teammate, Andy Pettitte, laid him out.
  • After what soon devolved into a “he said, everyone said” affair, Clemens is almost assuredly going to face federal perjury charges.

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