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In the age of Barry Bonds, Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo and Cynthia Rodriguez, we didn’t think anything within the world of sports could surprise us anymore.

Then, Brian McNamee accused Debbie Clemens of taking HGH – and our jaws have yet to recover from hitting the floor so hard.

McNamee is the former trainer of Roger Clemens. The two are in the middle of a heated debate, during which the former is accusing the latter of using steroids and HGH to prolong – and improve – his career in Major League Baseball. The latter denies using any performance-enhancing drugs.

Instead of worrying about economic problems in the country, Congress will hear each side of the argument next week.

Now, however, McNamee has upped the muscle-bound ante by stating that he also provided Debbie Clemens with HGH in order to help her look better for the following Sports Illustrated photo shoot:

Did Debbie Clemens use HGH? If so, can we not trust the hotness factor of any athletes’ wives? What about Elin Nordegren?