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Amy Winehouse’s jailed husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, wasn’t in the crowd at the Brit Awards last night in London, but don’t worry, Blake fans.

The upstanding fella who overdosed on heroin in jail got a shout out.

After Amy Winehouse performed “Love is a Losing Game” off her smash hit album Back to Black, she yelled to the audience, “I love you baby!”

Amy Winehouse Tribute Pic

“Make some noise for my husband, my Blake!”

They did. Here’s Amy singing, “Love Is A Losing Game” …


The troubled Blake Fielder-Civil, whom she married last May in Miami, has been locked up since November on assault and witness tampering charges.

Amy Winehouse, who donned a tight black dress that she nervously lifted during her performance, wasn’t nominated for any awards this time.

Delivering a good performance was enough, though. After a really rough period, Winehouse is “full of life,” says pal and backup singer Zalon Thompson.