Kevin and Sean Preston Federline: Just Kickin' it

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With the daily drama that is Britney Spears, we haven't seen or heard from Sean Preston Federline or Jayden James Federline in quite a while.

Except for, you know, that time Britney locked herself in the can with Jayden during an intense, three-hour police standoff at her estate.


For the most part, though, the two boys have been kept out of the spotlight - a refreshing change from the days when Britney actually had custody.

Here's a cute photo of Kevin Federline and Sean Preston Federline, age 2, just enjoying being together at his home in Tarzana, Calif. Makes us smile.

Kevin Federline and son Sean Preston share a happy moment.

Like all of us, K-Fed is worried and hopeful for Britney Spears, and is hoping she gets the help she needs for her mental problems, so she can be part of Sean and Jayden's life down the road. For now, the hospital is the best place for her.

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