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FOX Sportscaster Josh Booty was arrested this morning on DUI charges – and was so uncooperative that he had to be tased, bro!

Law enforcement sources say Booty was taken to the Orange County Jail, where he was booked – and that’s when he went completely bonkers.

Orange County Sheriff’s spokesperson Jim Amormino told TMZ that Josh Booty became “belligerent and uncooperative” during the booking process.

Amormino says his deputies assessed the situation and were forced to use a taser – “less than lethal force” – to contain the broadcaster.

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After being tased, Josh Booty fell to the ground, hitting his head on the floor and cracking it open. He was taken to a hospital and stitched up.

Josh Booty, a former star at LSU and backup quarterback for the Browns, is the older brother of current USC quarterback John David Booty.

His booking photo above is certainly a quality addition to our gallery of celebrity mug shots – which is growing rapidly these days!

UPDATE: More information on Booty’s arrest has been released.

He was taken to jail, patted down and searched, and told to pick up his clothes, but Josh wasn’t having any of it, telling deputies, “Give me a minute bro … f**k!”

Deputies forced his hands behind his back and when Josh attempted to pull his arms back around and took an aggressive stance, the fight was on!

Because of Josh Booty’s size, strength and level of intoxication, deputies were unable to control him. They tazed him to no avail – he wasn’t even fazed.

So, what to do? Taze him again! That’s when Josh Booty fell, cracked his head open, and was taken to the hospital. Goodness, what a night.