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Heather Mills doesn’t have the best reputation in Great Britain (or anywhere), but Londoners were stumped when Heather’s face for some reason popped up all over London – a series of naked pics on call-girl flyers! Check it out ….

Fake or not, Heather Mills is seriously nude in these enticing advertisements!

The photos are actually part of a random, guerrilla marketing effort by the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns, though we can’t imagine Heather Mills’ sordid, high-end call-girl past can be a coincidence.

We can’t help but point out, also, that there are real, actual Heather Mills naked pictures out there, and not exactly in short supply.

Way to waste time faking them, morons!

On an unrelated note, this is the second most random (and slightly foul) story we’ve reported today, following only the Gene Simmons sex tape.