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Can you just not wait for more information regarding High School Musical 3?

We understand. So does star Corbin Bleu. He recently described the plot of this feature film as follows:

“It’s [about] graduation, senior year, prom… all that goes into it. And there’s going to be a school production as well. I have seen the first draft of the script, and [my character] Chad’s got a lot to do.

I think the major thing for him in this movie is he’s leaving this world of high school that he’s been so attached to all these years �” he’s going to be pulled out of his element �” and that is a bit of a hard transformation for him.”

Bleu told TV Guide that he’s already feeling the difference between the small-screen High School Musicals and the new motion picture, which will be the first in the franchise to be release in theaters.

“There’s obviously a bigger budget and the grandeur is on a higher scale. I know it’s felt in the music, from what we’ve heard, and I know once we start filming we’ll see the difference there, too.”