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Britney Spears’ recently rekindled interest in dancing isn’t entirely based on boredom or her love of little kids, the New York Post reports.

The buzz at the Grammy Awards (which she skipped) was that Spears’ newfound focus on her dancing is preparation for an upcoming world tour.

Britney “will be leaving the country in the next few weeks,” a source told the Post. “She’ll train in privacy for a month, then go on a global tour.”

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

Would you pay to go see this in concert? Not us. Well, maybe we would … if it were some kind of comedy tour in which her various personalities did standup.

In other Britney Spears news (and we use that term loosely), paparazzi who follow Britney Spears have been infiltrated by gang members – specifically, notorious L.A. groups the Crips and the Bloods, the New York Daily News reports.

Celebrity photo agency execs claim “rival agencies are arming thugs with cameras and sending them out to do battle with dozens of paparazzi” who hound the train wreck in search of the best Britney Spears photos.

Veteran paparazzo Nick Stern, who quit Splash News this month, said: “I’ve heard stories of fights, car tires being slashed, cars being blocked in.”

All agency heads interviewed said they do not hire street toughs

“They may dress like gang members with large pants and tattoos, but to say they’re gang members right now? Well, real gang members are not into Britney Spears,” said Frank Navarre, a Frenchman who owns celebrity photo mainstay X17.

“[Spears] attracts huge numbers of photographers, and whoever muscles their way to the front gets the best picture. They’re not AP photographers in flak jackets, but that’s not to say they’re thugs, either,” said Chris Doherty, owner of INF.

Why the heck would real gang members would possibly throw themselves into the celeb news fray? How about cash. Spears’ own boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, works for Finalpixx, and has been reportedly made $200,000 a year covering Spears.

Things may be safer now that the singer is under psychiatric care and Jamie Spears has his daughter’s vehicles garaged. But the troubled Britney continues to be the top story in the celebrity gossip world, day after day after day.

“I cannot say she’s boring, no,” Navarre said. “She’s been pretty good at renewing herself. She doesn’t accept any authority, or any boundaries. To some people, that looks crazy. She’s stronger than you think.”