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So long, ear drum-shattering dreamers!

Hello, true American Idol hopefuls!

That was the basic message behind tonight’s Hollywood auditions, as contestants faced off against the judges on the same stage that will crown the winner in May.

Maddie Poppe Wins American Idol

Here are the top five performers from this round of important auditions:

1. Michael Johns (pictured): As Simon so rightfully said, the best of the night. By far.

2. Syesha Mercado: Recovered from a rough start to end the evening with impressive vocal range.

3. Asia’h Epperson: After her initial audition, was best known for tragic accident that recently befell her father. Proved that she belonged in the finals tonight on pure singing talent alone.

4. Carly Smithson: The Irish crooner joins Johns as a foreign-born talent who seems destined for the final 12.

5. David Archuleta: Young. Adorable. Talented. The only contestant that didn’t seem flustered by the pressure of the evening.

Who was your favorite of the night?