More Rachel Bilson Pictures From GQ

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Okay, so we already brought you a hot Rachel Bilson pic from the new issue of this men's magazine. But here are some reasons you deserve more ...

  1. Rachel Bilson is hot
  2. She's wearing only underwear
  3. She was the only reason to watch The OC, a dreadful series marked by lost potential in which the anorexic Mischa Barton received all the attention
  4. Rachel Bilson stars in a new movie called Jumper which looks cool

Did we mention she's hot? While you won't be seeing Rachel Bilson nude anytime soon (the actress herself said so), these photos are still pretty sweet ...

On All Fours
Bilson, Baby

Cute, Hot Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson Biography

Rachel Bilson Short Hair
Rachel Bilson is an actress who used to star on The OC. That show sucked big time in its last 2-3 years but she stole every scene. Now,... More »
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Rachel Bilson