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She can always turn to Britney Spears to feel sane by comparison, but Evi Quaid, who is married to Randy Quaid, is pretty frickin’ crazy!

According to TMZ, Evi Quaid caused a scene (we mean she went crazy) recently at the offices of the Actor’s Equity Association, which had some sort of problem with Randy Quaid – 23 members filed charges against the actor in connection with the rehearsal and production of “Lone Star Love” in Seattle.

Well, here’s where it gets good. And by good we mean bad.

Randy and Evi Quaid Mug Shots

Evi Quaid, the wife of Randy Quaid, is pretty… insane.

Evi and Randy Quaid apparently burst into the offices last week, where Evi Quaid started screaming at the (76-year-old) receptionist. She also kicked her repeatedly in the shins with her high-heeled boots – drawing blood.


Evi told several staff members to “f*%k off” and claimed they were part of some Nazi plot to take down Randy Quaid. According to another staffer, Evi screamed:

I’m going to get you… You are a Nazi bitch.”

One witness also claims Evi Quaid bitched her out on the phone and when she told her “the call would be terminated” Evi replied simply that she’d “like to terminate your existence on this planet.” Well, at least it was well-worded.

Four requests for restraining orders were filed against Evi Quaid.

The documents also say that on January 23, both Randy and Evi Quaid showed up to the Association’s office in L.A., allegedly causing quite a scene.

One member says, “I asked for assistance as I felt threatened and I feared both Mr. and Ms. Quaid could physically attack me.”