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Ever get the feeling that some people are making a whole bunch of money off Britney Spears besides Britney Spears?

Well, they are! Curse all of those soulless people.

Consider the following annual sales estimates…

The Hollywood Gossip
  • Record companies, promoters and licensers make $30-40 million annually because of her endorsements, record sales and other business.
    Celebrity photo agencies make $4 million from Britney Spears pics.
  • Celebrity gossip magazines, websites and other media make an estimated $75 million. Tabloids sell 33 percent more copies if Britney is on the cover.
  • Kevin Federline himself pulls in more than $1 million a year because of her, and not just the $35,000 a month from spousal and child support.
  • Famous solely by virtue of having had sex with Spears at least twice, K-Fed still gets $30,000 from nightclubs just to show up.

Britney Spears makes money for a lot of people. K-Fed tops the list.