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Britney Spears spent a brief Mexican holiday with her paparazzi “friend,” but now appears to have returned, as TMZ claims to have seen Brit’s boy toy Adnan Ghalib leave her house in Beverly Hills in some gold Mercedes.

Ghalib’s own photo agency, Finalpixx, has been documenting the strange pair’s Mexican activities – one picture shows Ghalib hand-feeding whipped cream from a Starbucks cup to the pink-wigged Spears – and posting updates.

Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib are happily dating,” the agency says in a post. The agency notes that Ghalib is married, as we have reported, “but has been separated from his wife for over a year.”

Here are some shots of those crazy lovebirds in Mexico …

For more pics of Britney and Adnan, check out the Finalpixx blog.

The bizarre couple has been together for much of the last week. Here is what Adnan’s employer has to say about his relationship with the singer, with whom he recently escaped to Mexico for some rest and relaxation …

After being released from the hospital, Britney and Adnan spent the night and the following days together resting, eating, sleeping, shopping and talking about life and the love they have for their families. [Adnan Ghalib] himself has not spoken publicly because it would not be of benefit to her for him to do so. Should he choose to speak about Britney Spears, he only has positive things to say about her and the time that they have spent together.”

As for other paparazzi chasing after them, “Despite such heavy scrutiny, the pair are enjoying a healthy, normal relationship,” Finalpixx says.

While at the Rosarito Beach Hotel in Mexico, Spears stopped in a gift shop and purchased an imitation Gucci bag and another bag while Adnan Ghalib bought a rosary, spending a total of $60, Frontera reports.

“Britney looked serious and haggard,” a sales clerk told the paper in Spanish. “She didn’t have makeup on.”