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A new video of Amy Winehouse smoking crack has surfaced.

Nothing Amy Winehouse does surprises us, but… a video of her smoking crack? Just when you think the bar can’t be set lower, she beats the odds.

In the tape, obtained by The Sun (U.K.), the Grammy-nominated singer admits to taking “six valium a day” before lighting up the ol’ crack pipe.

Amy Winehouse Tribute Pic

Reportedly shot at a party last Friday at the singer’s East London home, a grainy video of Amy was posted on The Sun‘s website, the same tabloid that published pics of Winehouse following her drug-fueled bloodbath last summer.

The Sun’s headline and photo pretty much say it all.

In this video, the 24-year-old crack head “took hit after hit of the deadly drug after a 19-minute binge in which she snorted ecstasy and cocaine,” before going to Blake Fielder-Civil’s court hearing, the Sun reports.

Blake Fielder-Civil, her husband of nearly a year, is being held without bail on charges that he tried to tamper with and bribe a material witness in an assault case that was already pending against him and a friend.

In the past two weeks, Amy has attacked photographers as well as partied with record producer Mark Ronson and her ex, George Roberts, fueling the speculation that she and Fielder-Civil might be on the rocks.

Reps for the singer, who certainly earn their paychecks thanks to Amy’s repeatedly bizarre antics, have yet to comment on the Sun‘s claims. Here’s the video …