Amy Winehouse in Rehab at Long, Long Last

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NOTE: Prepare yourself for the lamest opening of all time.

They tried to make her go to rehab, folks, and she said "yes, yes, yes" ... about a year and 100 drug overdoses too late. But who's counting?


The shamed singer left her East London home today in a blacked-out Mercedes and headed to the Edward House private rehab clinic in North West London, according to The Sun, which revealed some shocking pics of her earlier.

Her relocation comes on the same day The Sun exposed a shocking video of her taking a cocktail of drugs - most notably, she was smoking crack.

Earlier in the day her dad, Mitch Winehouse, said that the pics and video were upsetting, but nothing anyone is surprised at, or didn't know about already. He came to Amy's home to offer support and followed her to rehab.

  FINALLY: After myriad drug problems, Amy Winehouse is headed to rehab to get clean. Now if someone could just get Britney Spears a psychiatric evaluation...

Winehouse, the Grammy-nominated Black To Black singer, has also reverted back to her familiar brunette beehive look, ditching that hideous blonde bottle look.

Fans from all over the world have called on Amy Winehouse to quit drugs after today's revelation. Many left messages on her official website and The Sun.

One said: "I really like Amy. I wish she would sort her self out!"

Another: "Come on Amy just look at pics of you a few years ago and pictures of you now that should be enough to give you a kick up the ****! Fix up!"

We think we know what that means. Continue reading The Sun's article on Amy Winehouse's recent meltdown and trip to rehab by clicking here ...


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Amy Winehouse is talented British singer and train wreck. This R&B / soul crooner, who's perhaps best known for her songs "Rehab" and... More »
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