Tila Tequila Explains Bobby Banhart Selection

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Tila Tequila has made over one million friends on MySpace.

And she talked to them all today when she blogged about her decision to give Bobby Banhart (pictured) a shot at her heart, as opposed to fan favorite Dani:

Tila Tequila and Billy Corgan

"I must tell you all that between Dani and Bobby, it was a very hard decision. In the beginning it was all fun and games, but as my feelings started to get involved, things got harder and harder and then in my mind I wish I had never signed up to do the show.

Who would have thought I would fall in love with both people?"

Well, the producers probably had a pretty good idea. Otherwise, it would have made for a lame season finale.

Tila continued, answering the critics who wanted to see her end up with Dani:

"Yes, I know a lot of you wanted me to pick Dani, and so did I.....but at the end of the day, I felt as though Dani and I became SOOOO close that I didn't want to ruin such a great friendship that we had built together.

You know usually on these type of dating reality shows, things never tend to work out in the end because it gets all weird and awkward between 2 lovers....and so that is why I did not choose Dani as my lover, but as my closest friend. This way we would never have to ‘END' things between us."

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