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If we expanded our list of Celebrities of the Year to include one more ranking, Scandalous Beauty Pageant Queens would undoubtedly be next in line.

From Katie Rees to Tara Conner to Ingrid Marie Rivera, no winner has earned her crown without being surrounded by a cloud of controversy. Or naked pictures.

The latest – possibly funniest, definitely most sacreligious – beauty queen to make news for non-evening-gown-wearing reasons? Valerie Begue.

Begue was named Miss France earlier this month, but numerous critics are now calling for her resignation. Leading is the charge is chairwoman of the Miss France committee, Genevieve de Fontenay.

“If she had some courage and a bit of dignity she would say ‘I’m resigning because I’m not worthy to carry on as Miss France,'” Fontenay said.

So, what could possibly cause such contention? A series of leaked Valerie Begue pictures, most notably one that shows the beauty relaxing in a pool. Wearing a bikini. Pretending to be crucified like Jesus Christ.

The photo of Begue is similar to those of disgraced Miss Nevada winner Katie Rees, only if Rees had posed like the savior of mankind instead of like a lesbian.

Of course, the stuffy, haughty, smelly French want Begue to forfeit the crown just because she has a high opinion of herself.

“If I had been aware [of the pictures], she would never have been let into the Miss France competition I wouldn’t want to be seen walking down the streets with a girl like that,” Fontenay said, adding she would take legal action if necessary.