New Heather Mills Nude Photos, Scandal Surface

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Heather Mills is a porn liar.

Despite numerous denials that she had ever posed in the buff, new pictures have surfaced that show Paul McCartney's embattled ex-wife baring it all in a photo shoot taken before she lost her leg in a 1993 accident.

Ugly Hair

In photos obtained by the Britain's News of the World, Heather Mills squeezes into a red lace teddy with matching stockings, exposing her breasts and opening her legs in a pose that would make Breann McGregor proud.

Back when talk of her posing in such a fashion began last year - in reference to a German sex book - the one-legged gold-digger said:

"They eliminate the whole 20 years of my life of campaigning and put in things like 'hardcore porn queen,'"adding that the pictorial in question was actually part of a "sex education manual.

Take a look at the picture in question while we stifle laughter...

One leg, no clothes: Heather Mills nude.

The latest shots making news are unlikely to help Mills with her ongoing battle against the media and McCartney.

"Paul has tried to give Heather the benefit of the doubt for the sake of their daughter, Beatrice. Now these pictures have surfaced, it's impossible," said a source.

It's also gross.

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Ugly Hair
Heather Mills loves money and attention. She married Paul McCartney and then divorced him in order to rake in the millions. An activist... More »
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I am trying to move on, spend time with my daughter and get on with my charitable work. It's been a terrible period for everyone.

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The public adore me... I haven't got a bad word to say about Paul... men are falling over themselves to ask me out... my only interest in life is helping others.

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