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Parents, you might wish to sedate your children before passing along the following information.

Otherwise, there may be rioting in the streets and outbursts of joy that could result in broken limbs, furniture and hearts, the latter for those that don’t secure tickets to the extended tour dates just announced by Miley Cyrus.

Indeed, the Hannah Montana star has added 14 cities to her dangerously popular nationwide tour. Tickets go on sale Saturday for:

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  • Jan. 11, Detroit
  • Jan. 13, Milwaukee
  • Jan. 14, Chicago
  • Jan. 15, St. Louis
  • Jan. 18-19, Las Vegas
  • Jan. 22, Glendale, Ariz.
  • Jan. 24, Austin, Texas.
  • Jan. 25, Lafayette, La.
  • Jan. 26, New Orleans
  • Jan. 28-29, Orlando
  • Jan. 30, Jacksonville, Fla.
  • Jan. 31, Miami

Sadly, The Jonas Brothers are not scheduled to remain on tour with Cyrus. This means fans will be deprived of more kissing between Miley and rumored boyfriend Nick Jonas.