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That’s Rupert Friend, people! Her boyfriend! Of, like, a long time! While the rest of you poor saps are hankering for a five-second glimpse of Keira Knightley naked in Atonement, this dude is seeing the real deal every day! All 80 pounds of it!

Keira Knightley stays bundled up and walks in step with boyfriend Rupert Friend during a chilly afternoon comprised of running errands in London on Wednesday.

In the estimation of The Hollywood Gossip staff, Rupert Friend is certainly among the least interesting celebrity boyfriends out there. All they do is walk around! Oooh.

There was a time when Cash Warren fit that bill, as all he and Jessica Alba did was show up at the occasional NBA game. But then he got her pregnant! Go Cash! What are you waiting for, Rupert Friend? Give us something to gossip about man.