Katherine Heigl Feeling the Pre-Wedding Jitters

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Actress Katherine Heigl can't wait for her wedding day this coming Sunday - if only so that the marathon planning sessions will finally come to an end.

The Grey's Anatomy star told Extra that she's more than ready for her big day, albeit a little nervous. So basically, she's like any bride-to-be.

Heigl and Baby

"We've talked a lot about it, like, 'Are you having any second thoughts? And [her fiance Josh Kelley] is like, 'No, I'm so ready for this to happen.' It's already been 18 months of planning, and we're both just ready for this to happen already."

The last-minute arrangements are proving to be hair-raising, however.

"I'm mostly panicking about all the many details, and getting there, traveling, transportation, talking to the pastor, getting the license," she says.

Her worst wedding-day fear? "Not being present in the moment, you know? Like, building it up so much you can't really enjoy the moment you're in."

Katherine Heigl will be a married woman in five days!

Once the wedding is over, the Golden Globe nominee and her musician groom may very well embark on a different kind of planning - for having kids.

"I'm super excited to start a family," Katherine Heigl said. "I've always wanted a family, a large family. But I say that now!"

Katherine stars in the upcoming romantic comedy 27 Dresses, opening January 11. She won raves for her portrayal of Alison in Knocked Up, in which she and Seth Rogen conceived a child. What about having kids in real life?

In a separate interview with Entertainment Tonight, Heigl says she wants to be a mom in a year's time. Josh Kelley, though, is pushing for two years.

Says the prospective mother-to-be: "We'll meet somewhere in the middle."


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