Alli Sims: Alive, Cute, Giving Interviews in Germany

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During a week in which we learned that Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are having a baby, it's easy to forget about Britney and her various hangers-on.

But not to worry, fans: Britney Spears' former assistant and quote-unquote cousin, Alli Sims, was interviewed recently by Germany's Maxi magazine! Yessssss!

Some excerpts from Alli Sims' interview with that fine publication:

On being like Britney: "Of course everyone says I wanna have a music career and do this because of Britney. But I have wanted to be a singer since I was little. And when I came to L.A. to accomplish this, I wasn't even in touch with Britney. Whenever I saw Britney performing on stage I would think: 'When will I be up there?' But I never envied her. I always knew that my time would come."

A familiar scene: Alli Sims and her "cousin," Britney Spears, hit the town.

On Britney Spears' train wreck of a life: "The media exaggerates. My cousin is a wonderful person. Our lives are fine. We have two drinks a night, nothing more. Look at me: I am more of a nerd than too wild. We wanna live, get our own Starbucks. Even if the papparazzi tears our dresses apart."

On making it solo: "When I make it as a singer, I will have made it on my own. The people who help me with my career right now, I have met witout Britney and that's good. I don‘t want her to help me, I wanna make it on my own."

On her style: "I wanna be the next Norah Jones. I just wanna be on stage and sing Blues. If I were a product, I'd be Louis Vuitton. Classic, tasteful, timeless."

NOTES: The songs she's currently recording are produced by none other than J.R. Rotem. Alli Sims also claims to be good friends with Avril Lavigne. That's all.

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